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Yes you’re right, I’m back so soon but trust me, when you start reading J.T Ellison novels, you cannot stop! Now this review is of the last book (so far) in the Dr Samantha Owens series and is the sequel to When Shadows Fall.

Samantha Owens is used to sirens and waking up to them isn’t the weirdest thing that’s ever happened but when she notices the sirens are on her street and only a few houses away from her own, it grabs her interest.

“His beauty was his camouflage. Nothing beautiful could hurt you. Nothing beautiful could betray and deceive or harm. Nothing beautiful could slice and grind and strangle.”

So when she is invited to take a second look at the evidence by homicide detective and good friend Darren Fletcher, she jumps at the chance and it’s not too long before she notices something is wrong. While this scene at first seems a clear case of a murder/suicide, under closer inspection under Dr Owens eye provides a different scene of events – the crime scene has been staged.

“Beauty was a deadly weapon. The one no one ever saw coming.”

And when some strange vials are discovered in one of the victims fridge with toxic substances in them, they soon realise there is something much more sinister at play and they need to act…FAST.

Meanwhile, Xander and his friend Chalk have a new company and are protecting their ‘president’ with known enemies. When their ‘president’ becomes the target of an assassination attempt, Xander and Chalk must act fast before the assassination is completed but this doesn’t come without consequences and soon Xander is right where he doesn’t want to be…in plain sight.

“But evil is wrought by want of thought, as well as want of heart.” -Thomas Hood

Fletch and Sam then get called to a meeting at the State Department where high level officials are interested in what they know and about keeping everything hidden and they are also keeping secrets of their own.

“Either someone was trying to cover their tracks, or Amanda Souleyret was into something bigger than anyone knew, and someone was trying to keep her secrets.”

When they find ties to Xander’s ‘president’ and his team, they work together to track down the menace and organisation known only as ‘The Pyramid.’

No one is who they appear to be and with the danger escalating with every passing moment, the reality of the situation is much more terrifying than could ever be imagined.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Emerson

Unsure on who to trust, our heroes must work quickly, the fate of D.C. depends on it.

“Death is a delightful hiding place for weary men.” – Herodotus

And guess what? Yet again we end on another cliffhanger! JT Ellison, if you are reading this, please release a sequel to this, I need to know what happens next!

This is, yet again, a star studded thriller that’s going to keep you engrossed from the first page to the last! Nail biting with a hint of adrenaline rush, I guarantee you will not be able to put this book down!


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