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Another review for you all and then I’ll finally be up to date with reviews…for now! I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while and a close friend of mine lent me his copy so here’s my review of The Thursday Murder Club.

“The sun is up, the skies are blue and murder is in the air.”

This book is set in a peaceful retirement village. Not the most exciting setting but nevertheless this is where we find ourselves. We follow a group of four friends, Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron, who come together every Thursday and investigate unsolved murders, hence The Thursday Murder Club.

“Everyone here has a story to tell.”

But when they find themselves the centre of a brutal murder case right on their doorstep, they discover that they are front and centre of this live investigation.

“A real case, a real corpse and, somewhere out there, a real killer.”

When police officers Donna and Chris warn them to stay clear of the investigation and out of their way, do you think they listen? No absolutely not. Have you ever tried saying no to an old person? It just isn’t in their vocabulary.

“After a certain age, you can pretty much do whatever you fancy. No one tells you off, except for your doctors and your children.”

This group of friends might be on the verge of turning 80 years old, but you can still teach these old dogs new tricks and maybe, just maybe, they can catch the killer!

“The case is solved and only justice remains.”

This is a wonderful, easy read! The story flows brilliantly and changes narrators from diary entries by resident Joyce to a third person story telling.

There are moments of humour and happiness and makes you feel warm and cosy. But there are also heartbreaking moments, there were two which got to me the most, one with Joyce and the other right at the end with Ron. Keep tissues handy for sure!

I really enjoyed this read and can’t wait for the sequel The Man Who Died Twice.

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