“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

Good day to you all,

I have made it! I have finally read the final book in the Harry Hole series (for now, as I’m sure there’ll be more).

Internet dating, we’ve all been there right? With varying degrees of success of course! Well, when a woman is found murdered after an internet date, they think they’re just dealing with jealousy of an ex or the aftermath of a bad date.

“Everyone’s scared of what they don’t understand.”

That is until, upon closer inspection, the marks left on her body lead a police down an altogether new and violent path…that of a very vicious killer; the marks left are those of teeth marks. They are hunting something they have never seen before; a vampirist.

“A sort whose teeth are swords, and whose jaws are set with knives, who devour the poor from the earth and the needy out of house and home.”

After increasing pressure from the press and the general public to get this crime solves and the killer caught as soon as possible, the Oslo police know there’s only one man for the job. Harry Hole.

“Who are you? You’re the only one. The only one who’s seen and knows the face I’m looking at now…eye contact makes people remember. But now they had eye contact. And he remembered.”

After some not so gentle persuasion, Harry reluctantly returns to the very place that nearly took everything from him. But with Rakel and Oleg’s support, he undertakes his task with as much honour as Harry Hole can.

“…the best thing you can achieve is holding on to what you’ve already got.”

With a ‘snitch’ amongst them, the pressure mounts on Harry and the team. But not everything or everyone is as they seem…

“We all get fooled in the end, Harry.”

Around every corner, another death but when someone close to Harry comes close to death, it’s a little close for comfort for Harry and he must make a choice between the work he loves or the one he loves.

“Nothing’s forever, life is by definition temporary and always changing. It’s horrible, but that’s also what makes it bearable.”

This book is different as we know the villain from the beginning and if any of you have read some of the other Harry Hole books, you may recognise him from previous cases. There’s a fair bit of drama on this book and it’s quite a fast paced one, especially towards the end! I promise you, this’ll be a hard one to put down!

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