“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

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Me again! I know! Back so soon! It only took me 6 days to read this book, cover to cover and let me tell you – WHAT A READ! The only reason I ever wanted to read this book was because I had seen the trailer for the film and thought it looked amazing, then I learned that it was from a series of books. I still haven’t gotten round to watching the film though.

“Soon the first snow will come. And then he will appear again. The snowman. And when the snow has gone, he will have taken someone else. What you should ask yourself is this: ‘Who made the snowman? Who makes snowmen? Who gave birth to the Murri? For the snowman doesn’t know.”

A young boy named Jonas wakes up one morning, only to find that his mother has gone missing. The house is completely empty. The garden also empty, except for a snowman wearing a pink scarf…his mother’s favourite pink scarf.

“We aren’t where it happens. We are what happens.”

Detective Harry Hole is on the case and as he and his team begin their investigation they discover a link too horrifying to believe. An alarmingly high number of wives and mothers have all gone missing over the years, all of them disappearing when the first snow falls.

“Because through creating life, women have learned to subject themselves to nature, and that gives them a more profound insight into life than other women. And men.”

When more snow falls and another woman subsequently goes missing and then another, Harry’s worst suspicions are realised: for the first time in his career, there is a serial killer on his own turf. After his successful serial killer hunt in Australia in The Bat, there’s no better hands for this case than Harry Hole’s.

“I have the feeling I’m hunting someone who is manipulating me, that everything is chaotic and he is making me do exactly what he wants.”

So this is the 7th book in the Harry Hole series and THIS is my favourite book in the series so far!! I genuinely couldn’t put it down and when I did, I couldn’t wait to pick it back up again. I genuinely can’t remember the last book that that was the case.

The book and the writing just flows and constant whodunnit cliffhangers at the end definitely kept me on the edge of my seat and even made me gasp in places. You can’t guess what’s going to happen next. 

“You just want to enjoy the game.”

If I could give this book more than five stars then I would. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a thriller and a crime book. But I can guarantee I definitely won’t be looking at snowmen in the same way ever again. 

“The more aged I become, the more I tend to the view that evil is evil, mental illness or no. We’re all more or less disposed fo evil actions, but our disposition cannot exonerate us. For heaven’s sake, we’re all sick with personality disorders. And it’s our actions which define how sick we are. We’re equal before the law, we say, but it’s meaningless as long as no one is equal.”

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    1. Honestly, such a good book! Would highly recommend and you don’t need to have read any of the previous books in the series to understand the book either.

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