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The next read in my Challenge 2020 comes from the fantasy category and this one was definitely a good choice! Remember the Disney fairy tale of Snow White – the evil queen sends a huntsman after her to kill her and put her heart in a chest? Well this is a Snow White retelling with a twist.

Lorelai. Crown Princess. Powerful. Magical…Fugitive.

“You don’t have to fear what you are, Lorelai. Being a Mardushka isn’t a choice. It’s how you use your power that matters.”

Irina. Sorceress. Ruler. Manipulator…Poisonous.

Lorelai lost everything when Irina came into her and her brother Leo’s life. Now Lorelai knows what she must do. She must kill the evil queen and take her rightful place on the Ravenspire throne and exact revenge for the murder of her father.

Irina gained a lot, but at a price. She dispatches a shape-shifting dragon prince from another land to cut out the heart of the princess and return it to her in a chest.

“The only people who aren’t prey are those smart enough and strong enough to become the predator.”

Sound familiar yet?

But Irina is using dark magic and Ravenspire is rotting as a result of it. Leaving the people starving and dying.

But can the dragon yet be tamed?

After all, there can only be one queen to rule them all.

“I believe in you, and I’ve fought for you, because in a world full of people who crumble before an evil too terrifying to comprehend, you put up your fists and fight.”

We follow Lorelai, her brother Leo and her guardian Gabril on her quest to gain the support and strength needed to conquer the queen and take her rightful place in Ravenspire’s kingdom as the rightful heir.

We see the battles both Lorelai and Irina are facing are both of them deal with the problems at hand.

This is a fun retelling and whilst it is fun and an easy read, it lacks fight which is what this whole book is essentially about. It’s not a thriller or an excitement and I could easily put it down and pick it back up again with ease but it was a fun read and enjoyable at that. I feel Lorelai’s character in particular lacked strength and fight. This definitely strikes me as a young adult retelling for sure.

Fun fact – this is part of the Ravenspire series and The Shadow Queen is Book 1. Do you think I should read the next one in the series and see if gets any better? Let me know in the comments below.

You can find The Shadow Queen, Ravenspire Book 1, on Amazon now.

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