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This is not a Challenge 2020 read but it is my second Netgalley read!

Here’s the blurb –
Two women. Five centuries apart.
One life-changing secret about to be unearthed…

New bride Eleanor impresses her husband by growing saffron, a spice more valuable than gold. His reputation in Henry VIII’s court soars – but fame and fortune come at a price, for the king’s favour will not last forever…


When Amber discovers an ancient book in her grandfather’s home at Saffron Hall, the contents reveal a dark secret from the past. As she investigates, so unravels a forgotten tragic story and a truth that lies much closer to home than she could have imagined…

Amber is suffering. She has just lost her baby daughter Saffron, and has taken refuge with her Grandfather at Saffron Hall. Whilst there she unearths a book dating back to the times of Henry VIII’s reign.

“She was turning a page, a fresh start.”

The book has a Latin inscription, describing a baby girl called Mary. What happened to her? Why is this book dedicated to her? What secrets does Saffron Hall hold? Amber is determined to uncover them all.

Dum Spiro Spero…While I breathe, I hope.”

Eleanor is 17 years old and has just married a barely there husband who she has only just met. Now she bears his child. She is not the usual Tudor housewife. She has taken her hands to a spot of gardening, growing a spice more valuable than gold – Saffron.

“She’d been used to seventeen years of isolation and peace; how would she live with a house full of noise and clamour all day long? It was unbearable.”

She keeps a journal to document her life during the reign of one of the most formidable kings there was in England, Henry VIII. Eleanor is educated, she knows her worth but also what is expected of her.

“This was her world, the only place she’d ever known. And today was her wedding day.”

These are two women, born over 500 years apart, but living similar lives. Amber must unearth the secrets and messages in Eleanor’s book and find out why her spirit continues to linger in her grandfathers house.

This is a story written in two timelines – a dual storyline. We follow Amber’s journey through her struggles and her discovery of the book. We also follow Eleanor’s story through her upcoming marriage, childbirth and her life in a Tudor court.

“However could she start to change things? Because change things she would.”

This is a story connecting past with present. The author creates a sense of impending doom right from the off with Eleanor and you instantly feel sorry for Amber. I found the writing difficult to read but the story was quite interesting. The book depicts love and hope in a very dangerous time. 2/5 stars for me.

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