“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

Hello everyone,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my lovely followers! Mainly because this will be my last review of 2021 (I think)!

“My point is that you soon become lonely if you want to use your own brain to find answers.”

So you may have noticed it’s been a while since my last book review, over a month to be exact. I have a confession to make – I found myself in a position I haven’t found myself in before – a reading slump that has continued since my last review. I had no motivation to pick up a book, anytime I tried it would sit there closed covers and occasionally I would glance at it but nothing would happen. Then one day, it went and I was back to normal bookwormy me. Now most of you will think ‘it’s a rubbish book’ and that’s why but that’s not it at all!

“I believe in the next promise…people can keep a promise even though they broke the last one. I believe in new starts.”

This is my favourite Harry Hole mystery so far; though this may change considering I still have 5 books in the series.

“…you cannot survive for long if you are not frightened.”

It is December. Yes in the book as well as in real life. Christmas trees are up, mulled wine being poured, roasted chestnuts being consumed and a murderer is afoot. Yes you read that right. Whilst Christmas shoppers indulge themselves in all things festive including stopping to listen to a carol concert by the Salvation Army, a gunshot is heard and a caroller drops dead.

“Well, I’m investigating a case everyone thinks is the cut-and-dried suicide of a person no one cared about.”

Suddenly everyone’s Christmas spirit is a little lacking and it’s not hard to see why when the snow is turning red.

“My life requires an appropriate measure of truth and an appropriate measure of lies to find its equilibrium.”

Detective Harry Hole, the best Oslo has to offer and his investigative team are on the case. But what case is that? For there is no suspect, no murder weapon, little evidence and no motive. So what on earth could be going on?

“Is there a right way to formulate the impossible?”

Well when the murderer discovers that his hitman killing has gone drastically wrong, Harry finds his troubles have only just begun both at home in Oslo and in deepest darkest Yugoslavia. For a hitman isn’t best pleased when he’s killed the wrong man…

“A redeemer.”…”if God doesn’t do His job, though, someone else has to do it.”

So a word of warning, if you don’t know about the Thirty Years War then read up on this before starting the book. I had no idea about it and had to do some reading of my own to find out about to understand the key theme of this book. Now that that warnings out the way what else can I say about this book?

Despite my reading slump, it was gripping, a true thriller! Full of suspense and intrigue. The book totally took me by surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery and seeing it unravel.

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Next for me is The Snowman, so stay tuned for that!

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