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The next book from my Challenge 2020 is from the category, Book Set in your home country, for this I chose The Perfect Match by Katie Fforde.

Bella Castle has upped sticks from her home town and moved to the Cotswolds countryside. The reason for upping sticks – she couldn’t bear to be in love with her boss Dominic, when he was seemingly happily married with a baby on the way. A few fleeting flirty moments couldn’t confirm or deny anything for her and so she left home.

Fast forward three years and Bella is happy. After settling in her new home in the Cotswolds with her godmother, she has a new job selling houses which she loves and her boyfriend (who is also her boss) Nevil, has just proposed.

But not all is well between her and Nevil, in all honesty, she’s not happy and now Nevil has started acting strangely at work, something’s up and Bella is determined to find out.

To add more complications, Dominic has returned and looking to move to the Cotswolds following a messy divorce. This causes her to question, are her and Nevil made for each other, or is her perfect match somewhere else?

Is home really where the heart is?

There’s also a little sub story which I think should take precedence – Bella’s godmother Alice! She has met a man on a train and now he’s asked her out on a date…could romance be in the air for her too?

3/5 stars for me. Whilst cute and cosy, it’s frustrating. I don’t like Nevil from the start – he bullies Bella and mentally and emotionally abuses her. Part of me doesn’t understand why she is still with him and the other part of me does but I’ll let you all come to your own decisions when you read it. I also found I didn’t enjoy Bella either and I didn’t enjoy her story, I did however like Alice and her story!

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