“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

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So this book was gifted to me by someone very special and let me tell you – it was GORGEOUS! I need to explain in full detail – so it was packaged in a black cardboard box and when unravelled it was packaged in a paper envelope with The Octunnumi tag on it. The book was inside that with black edged pages and the book was gorgeous. It even came with its own dictionary and pronunciation booklet which worried me slightly (I didn’t know if I would be referring to it the entire time I was reading the book).

“Octunnumi – An ongoing entity, existence, series, or whole that lasts, endures, maintains and retains, whether as an establishment, course or action: The Octunnumi, offering protection.”

The Octunnumi is an alliance of innesomids whose sole purpose is the safety of all innesomids.

“Before things there is thought; before thought there is Tarelen; before Tarelen there is…”

The inhabitants of the Octunnumi have incredible magical abilities including the ability to travel to the realms of any myth, fantasy and make believe.

“The Octunnumi is the place where everything is possible…”

We meet two brothers, Reig and Trad, who with their abilities, travel between different innesomids completing assignments given to them, normally this involves fixing things.

“…children brought new outlooks, new thoughts, fresh ideas.”

We also encounter Nate Fosbit, an exiled member of the Octunnumi who chose to live in Fethrist, suddenly reappears with one thing on his mind – revenge.

“If the rooster didn’t wake you up this morning, the weasel got him…”

Trevor is the inner voice of Reig is the most fun character in the book in my opinion. He just brings something different, some humour. It also makes for some rather interesting conversations between the two brothers.

“You’ll be at a crossroads…with two paths before you. When that happens, think of me and remember…Your eyes…they will not see anything, and your ears will not hear a sound. But it will be as if I’m standing right beside you, and the path will present itself.”

The innesomids are at risk. Without some intervention, they will be completely destroyed! It’s up to Reig, Trad and their mother Meiegryn (who is also the commander of the Octunnumi), Nate’s estranged father Edgar Fosbit and other members of the Octunnumi before everything they know and love is destroyed.

“Oh there’s always a choice…it may not be very clear and it may not be easy but there’s always a choice to do the right thing.”

This book is in the sci-fi genre which definitely isn’t my normal reading material but fantasy definitely is and this book gives you the best of both. This book is literally exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a super extensive prologue. Yep that’s right, the whole book is a prologue. Although the villain is introduced fairly early on, it isn’t until about 100 pages before the end that the real action starts to happen.

“It’s how people can be completely wrong about another without reason…you know, prejudice.”

But imagine having the ability to travel into any fairytale or any past event! Just think of the possibilities…it’s really too exciting to fathom.

“…they are stories, just fairy tales…the thing with folklore and myth…is that there is always some truth in there somewhere.”

It is quite a complicated book and does require the reader to really focus and pay attention so I wouldn’t recommend reading this just before bed but your focus is repaid with lots of adventure! There are a lot of characters, from other beings and ordinary inhabitants, to half-living half-machines and bewitchers. I’m hoping that the next book (the actual story) will be a lot clearer.

Part of me feels like this book might not be for everyone, but I think if fantasy and sci-fi are your go to genres, then this could be the book for you!

“It’s not real, none of it, not one bit…for our tomorrows are made of our yesterdays…”

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