“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

Hello everyone,

Another first for me today in this review…this is the first Agatha Christie book that I’ve read! (If you can recommend me any others of hers then please comment below, I’d love to hear some suggestions)!

Anyway, the book I read was The Moving Finger.

“The letter arrived, I remember, at breakfast. It was a local letter with a typewritten address.”

The Moving Finger tells the tale of a brother and sister who go to the country to escape the hustle and bustle of London. They decided on a place called Lymstock. A so-callas peaceful setting.

There are questions that you don’t ask because you’re afraid of the answers to them.” 

But after their arrival, they start to receive letters. Anonymous and maliciously written. And it’s not just them that receives them, other people in the village receive them as well! All written using cut out words and letters. So far only causing terror and panic.

“There is too much tendency to attribute to God the evils that man does of his own free will. I must concede you the Devil. God doesn’t really need to punish us, Miss Barton. We’re so busy punishing ourselves.” 

That is, until one of the letters brings about a death. Then a new question arises…who’s next?

“Where do one’s fears come from? Where do they shape themselves? Where do they hide before coming out into the open?” 

Secrets will be uncovered, motives revealed. This little village isn’t quiet for long, in fact, there’s more drama here than back in London.

In everybody’s life there are hidden chapters which they hope may never be known.” 

Now before all of you panic, Miss Marple does feature! She features towards the end of the book and although she doesn’t make too much of an impact initially, she sure does by the end.

Whilst it is a slow mystery to unravel, it’s definitely a book that keeps you wanting to pick it back up but could equally be put down and this is why I have given it a 3 star rating. I did enjoy it though and would definitely be up for reading more Agatha Christie in the future.

If you love a murder mystery or just love Agatha Christie then follow the Amazon link below:

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  1. Good review. It’s been many years since I read a Agatha Christie book. It was so long ago that I can’t reme if I liked it or not. Thanks for posting your review. I might have to read one again. ?

    1. This is the first Agatha Christie book that I’ve read and I did enjoy it but from what I gather from other readers is this one is unusual in the lacking of Miss Marples appearance!

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