“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

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Something a bit different and a little bit spicy for this review! If you are of a delicate disposition then turn away now. You have been warned…

Maxim Trevelyan has it all. Good looking, aristocratic connections and all the money in the world. Not to mention estates around the UK, too many cars for one person to own and to top it all off, his is a Lord; a title inherited from his not long deceased older brother Kit. He’s never had to work a day in his life, everything just handed to him on a rather shiny silver platter. Oh and he’s rarely sleeping alone…even rarer if it’s with the same person.

“I’m doing the right thing…But maybe not for the right reasons.”

But appearances can be deceiving and having inherited everything from the family’s titles to the estates and all the responsibility being a Lord entails, it’s not surprising that Maxim feels like he’s drowning in it. He hasn’t had time to grieve his loss and has flung himself into his work so unsurprisingly he’s finding it hard to focus.

“Love. Confusing. Irrational. Frustrating…Exhilarating.”

Alessia Demachi is a mystery. Arriving in England from Albania with little to her name, she must ensure she keeps a low profile. But why? What is she hiding?

“Have you travelled at all?”

“No. Only in books…I have travelled all over the world in books.”

When she is hired as Maxims cleaner, her finds himself drawn to her. Beautiful (though she doesn’t know it) and a musical genius, he can’t stop thinking about her and sneaking peeks at her when she isn’t looking. Little does he know, she’s doing the same to him…

“She is brilliant.

In every way.

And I’m completely spellbound.”

But this beautiful, mysterious woman has a dangerous past, one which she is trying to run from but running will only get her so far and soon she finds herself caught up in her past and present all at the same time.

“Why do I want to know?

Because I love her.

Because she’s the sum of all her experiences…”

Maxim’s longing and desire quickly turns into something more and he feels like he must protect her at all costs, but protect her from what and from whom?

“What do I want? From her?

I’ve had her beautiful body.

And it’s not enough.

It hits me. Like a sledgehammer. Right between the eyes.

I want her heart”

So I read the Fifty Shades series many years ago when it was first released and I wasn’t a fan. Whilst this book does have moments of erotica in it, its barely a page or two. This book is more than just sex and actually it’s more than just that to the characters too – for them it’s making love, two people expressing their feelings for each other. There’s an actual story intertwined and it literally twists and turns at every page, something which surprised me. Towards the end of the book I was hooked and couldn’t put it down but the start of the book was a bit hit and miss.

The book alternates between Maxim and Alessia and the writing style worked perfectly and it flowed beautifully. You could definitely feel each of their emotions throughout the book. Please don’t think this is another Fifty Shades because it doesn’t even come close. Give it a chance if you like a love story. 

This book shows us so much which we can all relate too. From being scared to admit you’re in love with someone and doing something about it, to not wanting to share details of something because you’re scared you’ll burden the other person or scare them away. Love and fear go hand in hand but if it’s worth the risk then it’s worth it all. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Lord, a manager of a company or even a cleaner…love conquers all and knows no bounds. If we just give it a chance.

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