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Time for another review! And it’s another Harry Hole review!

“What is it, where is it, whatever it is that makes a murderer? Is it innate, is it in a gene, inherited potential that some have and others do not? Or is it shaped by need, developed in a confrontation with the world, a survival strategy, a life-saving sickness, rational insanity? For just as sickness is a fevered bombardment of the body, insanity is a vital retreat to a place where one can entrench oneself anew.”

The last time we saw Harry Hole, he had left the crime squad for good, lost the woman he loved, the little boy who called him Dad and his middle finger.

“…Whatever remains is yet to be found.”

Two women are drowned in their own blood, another woman was found hanged from a diving board at such a height that her head detached from her body. Three very gruesome deaths; at each crime scene there are no clues to follow.

“It’s you who are allowing this killing to go on.”

Since all that trauma caused by chasing down The Snowman , he has relocated to Hong Kong where his gambling debts are mounting up and he’s swapped catching killers for Jim Beam.

“Friendship means nothing to a man if he has a tempting enough offer. Nothing.”

The media is becoming unbearable, the police are running out of time and out of options. Only one man can solve this crime but how do you find someone who doesn’t want to be found?

“You’re the only person in this country with the skills and the experience to deal with a serial killer.”

When Kaja from the Oslo crime squad comes looking for Harry and by looking for him, I mean paying off his debts and dragging him back to Norway to catch a serial killer. Seriously, how many serial killers can one country have?!

“We’re all corruptible…We just demand different prices. And different currencies. Yours is love. Mine is anaesthetisation.”

Whilst also having time to visit the Congo, get caught in an Avalanche and travel back to Norway, Harry definitely doesn’t waste any time getting stuck in.

“…pain and death are not the worst that can befall mankind…humiliation is…the fall, the shame.”

This book reminds me a lot of the Saw films. Very gruesome and torturous murders. It has a very intricate plot with lots of twists and turns and plenty of suspense to keep you turning those pages to find out what happens next. I really struggled to put this book down. There are so many conundrums, it’s hard to how to see how this mystery will ever be solved.

“We believe because we want to believe. In gods, because that dulls the fear of death. In love, because it enhances the notion of life. In what married men say, because that is what married men say.”

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