“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

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Hope your week is going well. Also HAPPY HUMP DAY! So remember my reviews of the Seven Ancient Wonders and Six Sacred Stones? Well this is the next in the series!

“Everything is connected to everything else.” – Lenin”

This is about the end of the world, approaching at a perilous rate and only one person can prevent it. But he can’t do it alone…

Jack West Jnr and his team are reunited once again with a mission to rebuild the ancient ‘Machine’ – the only device that can prevent the Dark Sun and with it, the end of the world.

Jack is given a helping hand, a text about 5 warriors, great warriors and even greater historical figures. All of whom in some way is connected to the ‘Machine.’ And so in order for Jack to prevent a global catastrophe from occurring, he and his team must first identify these five mysterious warriors and not only that but learn their secrets.

The First shall be the noblest, scholar and soldier both.

The Second a natural leader of men, none shall achieve greater fame than he.

The Third shall be the greatest warlord known to history.

The Fourth is the great obsessor, seeking only glory, but glory is a lie.

The Fifth shall face the greatest test and decide if all shall live or die.”

On a trail of the legendary greats: Moses, Jesus, Genghis Khan and Napoleon but the fifth remains a mystery until the very end when the unknown ‘Fifth’ is the person who will be there at the end of all things…

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

But there’s another entity. This ‘Machine’ requires 6 pillars in order to be activated. Each pillar then will reward whomever places it at the correct time and place…and doesn’t die trying. The rewards are:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Heat
  3. Sight
  4. Life
  5. Death
  6. Power

No one really knows what each of these powers actually mean and until those pillars are placed, a guess is the only certainty.

With doomsday fast approaching and enemies coming from all sides, some seeking to rule the world and others setting out to destroy it…it looks like Jack and our team are yet again, in a fight for their lives.

“A mortal battle, between father and son. One fights for all, and the other for one.”

In this action packed book, I feel I should prepare you that if you are considering reading this book, I’d advise reading the other two first (please see reviews tagged at the start of this review) otherwise I fear this book may not make any sense.

For those that have read the previous two, then you’re in luck! This is a magnificent sequel with action on every page to keep you gripped. I also love the historical references in this book as well, as fantasised and as exaggerated as they may be, the descriptions made them very believable!

I really hope you enjoy this action packed adventure and make sure you keep an eye out for the next book in this series, Four Legendary Kingdoms.

Oh I almost forgot, if you want to buy this book off Amazon, follow the link below.

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