“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

Hello everyone,

 “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” – Charles M Schulz.

Another Christmassy delight for you all and this time it features…CHOCOLATE!

Meet Emma, owner of The Chocolate Shop by the Sea. With Christmas just around the corner, the locals are popping in to collect their festive favourites for themselves and for relatives and friends.

“It seemed there really was a special magic about The Chocolate Shop – no wonder it was so very precious to her.”

But as Christmas goes as quick as it comes, her takings make a downward turn and with her mopey landlord threatening with increased rent, Emma isn’t sure how she or The Chocolate Shop by the Sea will survive.

“She knew she was just clutching at straws. Sometimes you got the wrong one and the whole damned stack came down around you. And then, sometimes, you could pluck one out – and nothing at all would happen. Surely nothing happening was the safest bet?”

But Emma is a determined little soul and with the help of her assistant Holly, family and friends, this little chocolate box dream is heading to be wrapped in a tidy neat bow.

“Life was so strange sometimes, she often felt like she was on a rollercoaster ride and sometimes all she wanted was to get off, go back to the start, have her chance…”

This book takes us from Christmas to Christmas and is a booked filled with heartache and romance in equal measure! With Emma trying to mend a broken heart, could love be in the air for our favourite chocolatier?

Beware, this book will make you crave any and all kinds of chocolate and trust me, I ate a lot whilst reading this book!

This book really embodies the feel of community spirit, something I feel we lack sometimes nowadays! It also sends out a strong and powerful message, about taking a chance, even though we may be scared, even though we’ve had a rocky past, who’s to say the future won’t be smoother? We must take chances, little steps towards finding something right for us!

“…her world was suddenly full of maybes, of new possibilities, all stacked up for her. She still wasn’t sure if she was scared or excited, but she knew she had to give it a try.”

I found the lead up to Emma’s back story long and could have been explained earlier and quicker and I found her love story (I won’t spoil it) equally frustrating! Although I must admit, Max sounds like a dream guy!

But then I could also relate, I also have a tendency to push those away who I care about and whom care about me too and I’ve found the diamonds in my life who have stuck around and I love them for it.

You can find this chocolatey delight on Amazon! Chocolates not included I’m afraid.


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