“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

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I reviewed The Case – Leopold Borstinski as a part of the Damppebbles Blog Tour.

“The sheer futility of the human existent is summarised in a handful of words.” – Leopold Borstinski

The Case tells the tale of Jake, a private investigator who is about to work his final case. But it was never going to be a quick open and shut sort of case.

In New York, 1979, Jake comes out of retirement to help Michael, a well known mob boss, to help him retrieve something of interest from a business associate…a briefcase.

Only Jake isn’t the only one after it. The CIA, FBI, KKK and the British Secret Service as well as the mob are all after the leather briefcase. But what secrets are inside that make this briefcase so sought after?

Can Jake find this bag before it’s too late or are there other forces that are too strong to stop?

This book spreads across decades 1940s-1990s, with Jake step by step piecing together vital clues to figure out why all of the agencies are after this case.

With torture, robbery and everything in between, this novel is sure to keep you on your toes!

Full of suspense, thrills and spills, this stand alone pulp fiction novel is too good to put down. With non-stop action on every page, it keeps you pulled in and gripped with the writing so explicit that you picture exactly what’s happening…if you dare!

This book was a little different to others I have read but if you’ve read my blog for long enough, you’ll know I’ll never shy away from a book just because it’s a little different!

100% would recommend to you all to read, 5 stars!

Check out the amazon link below!

Lastly I would like to thank Emma and everyone involved at Damppebbles tours for giving me this opportunity!

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