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Remember my review for Seven Ancient Wonders? If not then click the link to take you to the review, but anyway this is the action-packed sequel, Six Sacred Stones. Super soldier Jack West Jr and his loyal team reunite for yet another, all-but impossible challenge as a countdown has begun; to what you may ask? Well to the destruction of all life on Earth of course…then again, this was never going to be a straight forward mission.

But all is not lost my fellow bookworms, because if Jack and the team can find and rebuild the ancient device known as the ‘Machine’, they may be able to prevent the coming Armageddon. The only clues to its secretive location can be found within the six sacred stones which were thought to be lost in history. And so, yet another treasure hunt begins.

The six stones are:

  • The Philosophers Stone (hello Harry Potter fans)
  • The Altar Stone at Stonehenge
  • The Killing Stone of the Maya
  • The Seeing Stone of Delphi
  • The Twin Tablets of Thuthmosis
  • The Basin of Rameses II

Similar to the Seven Ancient Wonders, this a non-stop rollercoaster ride through ancient history and modern military hardware – this is yet again, another adventurous, action packed novel by Matthew Reilly featuring Jack West Jr and his team! Similarly again, Matthew Reilly has created another marmite book amongst book lovers! I for one love it!


If this sounds like your type of book then follow the link to Amazon below to purchase it;

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