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It’s Harry Hole review time!

After the events in The Snowman and The Leopard, you’d think that Harry may value his life a little more and leave policing behind. But this is Harry Hole and he keeps coming back like a boomerang.

“But perhaps that’s why we take snaps…to provide false evidence to underpin the false claim that we were happy. Because the thought that we weren’t happy at least for some time during our lives is unbearable. Adults order children to smile in the photos, involve them in the lie, so we smile, we feign happiness.”

But when a case in Oslo catches his attention, he hurries back to Oslo only to find the case has already been solved and closed and the suspect behind bars. Done and dusted. But those are two words that mean very little to Harry Hole.

“For our brains are always willing to let emotions make decisions. Always ready to find the consoling answers our hearts need.”

After being told he won’t be granted permission to reopen the case, Hole goes out on his own only to find that the trail he has discovered leads him down a rabbit warren of violence, disappearances not noticed by the police, drugs and murder.

“A rat is neither good nor evil. It does what a rat has to do.”

But are they all linked? And if they are, then how?

“A murder is a white whale. A missing person is a white whale. If you’ve seen a white whale twice it’s the same whale.”

But investigating this won’t be easy, everywhere he turns he is faced with silence. And he’s not the only one interested in the case, someone is watching his every move. Someone wants him dead.

“ “It’s not acute, perhaps, but we’re all dying…”

Now after reading the snowman and the leopard, I was on a high so this book didn’t quite live up to expectations. It took me while to get into it but the ending was fast paced, exhilarating and ends on a massive cliff hanger that I’m hoping will be answered in the next book, Police.

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