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“He’s the love of her life. He’s your husband.”

This is the tale of four lives, David, Ally, Joe and Charlotte. David fell in love with Ally at university. But nine years ago, after a night she’d rather forget Ally walked away from David.

“I’m not sure when it all started to go wrong. No. That’s a lie. I could pinpoint the markers like pegs on a map marking a journey which was going to take you somewhere you never wanted to go.”

She is now married to Joe who fixed Ally’s broken heart and has built a family with her. Charlotte fell in love with David at first sight. She has never forgotten Ally and suspects David feels the same.

These four lives are all interwoven in more ways than they could even imagine. But over the course of one night, everything will change and none of their lives will ever be the same again.

Two men end up in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a local hospital. Two concerned wives rush to be with them. But here’s the key detail: the two men are Joe and David. The two women? Ally and Charlotte.

“Right here, sitting in the dark, waiting to learn if the man I loved was going to make it through till morning. The only question was…which man?”

This is a tale of past and present.

How did Ally and David meet? How did it end?

“Someone once told me that relationships break up in one of two ways: either little by little, like water gradually eroding away and disintegrating a rock, or in a huge explosion like an erupting comet.”

Why do they still think of each other, even now?

“I walked away from him, from us. And he just let me go.”

What happened between Charlotte and Ally to cause the tension in the hospital when they meet all these years later?

“Had the fast-flowing current of water beneath the bridge washed away the bad blood between us? Or was it still lurking beneath the surface: a billowing red cloud of animosity that had drowned the fledging friendship we had once known?”

Will they ever reconcile and be there for each other through this difficult time?

“Five small words. They weren’t enough to tear down the wall between us. But they were a start.”

As we learn the answers, more questions appear and the jumps between past and present keeps the reader glued to every page and with it, you intimately begin to know each of the characters.

As the story progresses we learn that both men are in grave conditions, neither are out of the woods and neither woman is prepared to say goodbye…not yet.

“You say goodbye to the people you love thousands of times in a lifetime: every time they walk out of the front door; every time you hang up the phone; every waved farewell. You just never know which of those goodbyes is going to be the last one. You aren’t supposed to know. Except that we did.”

This is the first book I’ve read by Dani Atkins and it is beautiful and heart wrenching all at the same time. My heartstrings were well and truly tugged and by the end of this book I was in tears.

With themes of fate, destiny, love and romance this has everything you want in a romance novel.

“For years their lives had been tied together by destiny and by fate in ways that were at times too incredible to believe possible. But somehow every moment of strange serendipity had been leading them here. To this time, to this place, to these people, and this future.”

If you like the sound of this beautiful yet heartbreaking novel then you can purchase it from Amazon using the link below:

Would highly, highly recommend.

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