“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

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I promise I finished this book like a month ago but life just gets away from you doesn’t it?

In the time since my last review, I have started a new job, moved in with my boyfriend and getting ready to go on our first holiday together!

So here is the review for the final book in the Mistborn series (for now)!

“What did one make of a society where everyone hid their true feelings behind a mask, only letting out calculated reactions?”

The Bands of Mourning. A myth, owned by the Lord Ruler. They are said grant those who wear them the most incredible powers.

But the problem with myths and legends is that hardly anyone believes that they truly exist. But that doesn’t mean that everybody is a non-believer. In every myth, there are few who believe and it is those who our story revolves around.

“Technically, every person in the world was dying – they were merely doing it very slowly.”

A Kandra researcher has returned to Elendel, with proof that the Bands exist…pictures. Along with this she has brought with her some scripture but no one can read the language it is written in.

“Perhaps some emotions were too strong to be hidden even by a mask.”

We join Waxillium and his friends who travel south of Elendel to the city of New Seran to investigate these images and scripture.

However, not all journeys are as straightforward as we hope and Wax discovers clues and truths which point to the true goal of his uncle Edwarn and the organisation known as The Set.

“You call me a monster; you hate me because I seek rule. And yet you serve those who do the very same thing as I…The longer you live, Waxillium, the more you’ll know I am right. The difference between good and evil men is not found in the acts they are willing to commit – but merely in what name they are willing to commit them in.”

He must face his toughest and most terrifying challenge. Will all end well?

“You value choice. Everyone theorises about it. But you can help. You’ve done it before…You intervene. So why to intervene more? Prevent children from being killed. Make certain that cons tables arrive in time to stop deaths. You don’t have to take away choice, but you could do more. I know you could.”

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