“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

Back so soon!

I told you I was on the reading train! This book took me 2 days to finish and I’m so happy that my book bug is back!

Spoiler warning: Do not read ahead if you haven’t read Alloy of Law. That being said, if you haven’t read it yet but you want to read this review then crack on!

“I figure I should write one of these things…to tell my side. Not the side the historians will tell for me. I doubt they’ll get it right. I don’t know that I’d like them to anyhow.”

It’s a year after the events of Alloy of Law. Mistborn is evolving. Technology and magic are mixing. The economy, growing. Democracy vs corruption. All the religious entities are competing. But with religion comes religious conflict and Mistborn is about to find out how it feels to be in the centre of its first terrorist attack.

“The danger in carrying these opposed powers is that I can see both sides – the need for life, the need for death. I am balance. And, to an extent, I am neutrality.”

The elite of the criminal world of Elendel have arrived; all invited to an auction. An auction that turned into a massacre. Think Game of Thrones red wedding scene. The culprit? An unknown assassin. Survivors = 0.

“There are no good men…Choice is an illusion law-man. There are those created to be selfish and there are those created to be selfless. This does not make them good or evil, any more than the ravaging lion is evil when compared to the placid rabbit.”

Wax and Wayne, both magical in their abilities, both lawmen from the Roughs; are on the case.

“You are His Ruin…I am His Preservation.”

The clues all point to one person, or rather one particularly rogue Kandra called The Bleeder. She is mythical and secretive and mysteriously strikes from the shadows. She always gets her target.

“Our killer is a Faceless Immortal…A creature who calls herself Bleeder.”

Her next target? The governor.

“I’m not in the habit of shooting people who can’t shoot back.”

But it’s not just Bleeder that needs stopping. Oh no. There’s a whole conspiracy surrounding the killings that needs stopping too.

“I rip out his tongue to stop the lies. I stab out his eyes to hide from his gaze. You will be free.”

The city is panicked. It needs stopping in it’s tracks before it is plunged into chaos.

“True questions return only truth.”

This book was so much better than Alloy of Law. This was action packed and exciting. I loved the engaging story and the immersive plot line. I thoroughly enjoyed it hence the speediness in me finishing it. I couldn’t put it down. This adventure grips you at the start and doesn’t let go until the last page.

One part I particularly enjoyed and for those that read the original trilogy will remember this character fondly, TenSoon makes an appearance.

“She was strong and vulnerable all at once…she was far more…human than any I have known.”

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Until next time , where I will be reviewing the next book in the series, The Bands of Mourning.

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