“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

Hello all,

Recently I’ve been asked by author Gary Winston Brown if I wanted to read and review his books the Jordan Quest series. Of course I said yes!

So first up was Jordan Quest – The prequel.

Says exactly what it says on the tin (or the book cover) which sets the scene for the series. And BOY DOES IT EVER!

But let’s start at the beginning.

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.”

Chapter 1 begins where we meet a 12 year old Jordan, found in a pool by her house keeper. Whilst doctors try and save her life and keep her heart beating, Jordan is spiritually detached from her physical body…an out of body experience if you will. This is where she has her first vision…this wakes her up just in time before the doctor induced a coma.

Since coming around, Jordan continues to have these visions but they all contain a similar theme…the people in them have all been murdered and they remain unsolved.

First there’s Marjorie Ecclestone. A victim of rape and murder in 1982. Then there’s, Zhi Huang, an escort killed by her clients wife’s hitman; and then the hitman appears too. Next Adar Ahmadi, victim of an apparent hit and run when in fact it was an honour killing. She was followed by Joan Fontaine, murdered by a home invader. Finally there’s Gavin Pearce…killed in his first night of a security job by one of the owners of the company.

Jordan decides this regular occurrence of visions should be shared and so she does so with her parents. In turn her parents decide to contact a police friend of theirs to check it out.

Further down the line, Jordan turns out to be a very credible source.

“Every cold case for which Jordan provided information and assisted authorities resulted in either a conviction of the suspect, issuance of a warrant for the same, or successful resolution of the case.”

We read about each case in detail and learn how the crimes were committed and how they were solved with the aid of Jordan of course.

Now Jordan was becoming a necessary helping hand in their investigations and with time, her successful case load grew.

“By age fourteen, she had helped police solve forty cold-case murders.

Within two years that number had quadrupled to one-hundred and sixty solved murders.

When Jordan was seventeen she graduated high school, with honors, and delivered the commencement speech as valedictorian. Her cold-case solve rate had now risen to three-hundred and forty-five.”

“By the end of her third year at Harvard she had helped to solve over one-thousand cold case homicides”

With such a high case solved rate, Jordan was famous, coping remarkably well with school, college and university alongside solving cold cases. But she got what she needed to most to kick start her career, validation.

“With proof of her abilities now irrefutable, Jordan’s credibility as a psychic was firmly established. With Chief Curnow’s help she’d been able to gain what she’d needed the most…


As Jordan grew up, she made her life choices clear – she wanted to use her gift to help those so cruelly taken from our world; to give them justice.

We fast forward to a Jordan with her life mapped out…a successful Harvard educated criminal prosecutor, a doting mother, a loving wife and ultimately a celebrity. But with all this responsibility around, she needs to make a choice regarding her future.

“In time, the responsibility of life, career and family made it necessary for her to make an important decision. She could continue practicing law or focus on The Gift.

Jordan chose to honor the dead.”

Short and sweet, much like the book. I think this prequel is perfect, it introduces you to the main character, a background of her history and how she got where she is now and where the story will start off as well as her morals. We learn she values others above herself. Her want to help, to give peace to the families and those who are deceased is refreshing to say the least.

This is a prequel that makes you want to read more and I’m very excited for what’s next. Intruders, which is the next novel in the series will be my next review so stay tuned!

FUN FACT – the Jordan Quest Prequel is FREE.

You can get it free on Gary Winston Browns website or alternatively you can purchase it for free on Amazon.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy Jordan Quest as much as I did.

Until next time

Happy reading!
D x

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