“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

Hello my lovelies,

How are we all? I realised that I haven’t done a blog post in forever (I have been doing plenty of book reviews in the meantime if you’d like to check those out)!

I was away over the Halloween weekend and I love Halloween (not quite as much as Christmas but I still have a lot of love for the spoopy madness)! Anyway, whilst I was away I visited a Cathedral and purchased a book there and then went into the city and I visited my favourite little old fashioned bookshop and I may have purchased six more books!

So please find below my Halloween Book Haul:

Ruth Galloway Series

After my Nan died a few years ago, me and my family have been looking after her two best friends. One of whom was permanently moved into a care home before COVID and as her house was being sold, she let us see if there’s anything that we wanted. I obviously headed straight for the books and she had a collection of Elly Griffiths books from the Ruth Galloway series. Like with my Nan’s Patricia Cornwell series, I wanted to complete the series so these are some of my latest editions.

Jack the Ripper

Call me Little Miss Morbid but I am fascinated by crime and tales like Jack the Ripper. I really enjoyed the last one I read about him. This book is slightly different in that it looks at the evidence left by the murderer and the reports and investigative papers recording the murders. This book is reported to be the strongest book ever written about the Whitechapel murders so I’m super excited to read this!

The Witches – Salem, 1692: A History

The Salem witch trials. Women, men and even children killed, having been accused of witchcraft. Lasting only a year yet have been ingrained forever in our memory as one of the few times women have prominently taken centre stage in American history. This is a nonfiction novel detailing the trials in all their gorey details.

Edith Cavell

Being a Norwich supporter and going their fairly often, it was only recently that I went to the Cathedral for the first time. Outside there is a bust of a woman. My dad who grew up in Norwich informed me that it was Edith Cavell and was astonished to hear me say that I’d never heard of her. Lucky for me and my historically minded brain, there was a information plaque next to it, briefly explaining who she was and what she did. After reading it, I was astonished that I’d never heard of her. I won’t spoil any details for when I read the book and review it but basically she was a hero and should be remembered for her bravery! Anyone who asks me who she is, I will tell them loud and proud who she was! This book is a biography about her and the devotion and bravery that sustained her throughout her life and made her tragically, a war hero.

And there you have it! My Halloween book haul! I can’t wait to read and review these books and when I do, you’ll be the first to know. If you haven’t already, sign up to my blog and follow me for post updates.

Keep reading my little bookworms,

D x

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