“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

So this is a book which I’ve been reading for Bewitching tours.

Gallowglass is the first in the series and with it being a paranormal, fantasy fiction novel, I thought it would be different to a lot of the romance novels I’ve been reading lately.

Karina and Chris are brother and sister. After both of their lives seem to simultaneously fall apart, they decide to up and leave New York and head to where else but the UK. Scotland to be precise.

Karina and Chris have very different ways of dealing with their misfortunes and the circumstances at hand – whilst Karina buries herself in her doctoral thesis, Chris decides the only way is to drink his way through the trip abroad.

Whilst in Scotland they visit the grave of Robert Kirk, a man famed for being kidnapped by fairies in the seventeenth century. So no one is more surprised than these two when a handsome man appears claiming to be none other than Robert Kirk himself.

He explains he has been held captive and has been completing the role of the Gallowglass…the Seelie Queen’s personal assassin.

When demons come to attack and Chris seems otherwise engaged with a new lady friend going by the name of Sorcha, Karina comes to a horrible conclusion.

The Seelie Queen is desperate to not only get Robert back, but someone else as well…but is Robert eternally doomed to be the Gallowglass? Or can he be freed and can they defeat the Seelie Queen?

This is a paranormal book which will excite many young readers! Be prepared to indulge your minds and go on an adventure full of magic and mythology. Experience the Scotland of fairies, demons, magic and pixies.

Something I love the most from this book is the brother/sister conversations. They’re written well to the point that you could imagine a similar dialogue with a sibling of yours.

I did find this book a struggle to read and it has taken my a while to read it but then I haven’t read too many paranormal books before.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Two reviews in one day, I’m spoiling you all!

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