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Ancient Egypt: A Concise Overview of the Egyptian History and Mythology including Egyptian Gods and Pyramids, Kings and Queens

Back so soon? Why yes I am! A book that isn’t even 60 pages long took less than a day to read.

On the outside, this book sounded ideal – a quick run through of all things Ancient Egypt to briefly look over the many mysteries that Egypt and its empires and dynasties hold.

With archaeologists and Egyptologists studying the artifacts, the treasures and the pyramids – you’d think we’d know everything there is to know. But you’d be wrong.

This book promises and exploration through ancient Egypt, through all the ruins and tombs; looking at their way of life, the afterlife, their beliefs and much more.

“…mythology was incredibly important to the ancient Egyptians’ way of life, and they worked hard to preserve their beliefs.”

Actually this book disappointed me. In this section of pharaohs there isn’t even a mention of Tutankhamen and they describe Akhenaten as the grandfather of Tut…but actually Akhenaten was King Tuts father and made Hatshepshut seem like a villain when she is actually an incredible female pharaoh in a male dominated world.

“While many people look down on princesses and queens as being a childish fantasy…the royal women throughout history were not only powerful, but they would make great sacrifices to benefit their people.”

I enjoyed learning about the gods but when I see lies like above and notable spelling mistakes and grammatical errors then it makes the rest of the book less believable.

I hope the next 6 of my Egyptian books are better and this was just a bad odd one.

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