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Remember Zoo? The story about animals of all kinds, big and small, wild and domesticated, turning on humans in quite a savage manner?

Well this is Zoo 2, and boy have they cranked it up a notch And the stakes are so much higher. If you haven’t read Zoo yet then I wouldn’t advise reading on because you know, spoilers dearies! Well now that you’ve all been warned, let’s move on!

“Save a life, and your path will always have light.”

“I’m all for saving a life. Just as long as it doesn’t cost my own.”

We start this book in the frozen Artic where Oz and his family are trying to escape the crazy-ness if the outside world, where animals rule and humans will be killed at first opportunity.

“The phrase ‘concrete jungle’ suddenly has a whole new meaning. I’m speechless.”

That is until Oz receives a call from Washington…HAC suddenly got a new player…humans.

Feral humans.

Now Oz must see if the reports of these feral humans are real and to what extent whilst also protecting the humans closest to him.

“Seven billion lives are hanging in the balance. Including the two I cherish most.”

Can they figure out what’s caused it? How is it spread? More importantly, can it be stopped? With animals running amok and humans entering the battleground, is anywhere safe? Or is this the end game for all of civilisation as we know it?

“People are getting desperate. Civilisation is breaking down.”

This book is very very short (less than 200 pages) and so the whole thing feels super rushed. More details could have been added or we could have continued the book to a more satisfying ending if it was longer. Despite this the start gives you a thrill ride that continues from the first book and the ending…gives you chills.

Unfortunately as far as I’m aware there is no sequel but I’m hoping there may be in the future!

This is a short review for a short book but nonetheless, you should read it if you’ve read the first one.

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