“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

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I know this book isn’t on my challenge 2020 but bear with me! This book was recommended to me by someone very close and special to me and when he said it was the first non-English book to win the Hugo Award (an annual literary ward celebrating the best science fiction and fantasy books), then I had to read it! FYI, the Hugo Award has a super cool statue of a rocket! Sorry just being a nerd! Where was I? Oh yes!

The Three-Body Problem…

“It was a fairy tale for the ages, even more incredible than the commissar’s lies.”

This book is primarily set in China in different years, so there’s a bit of time hopping to keep up with I’m afraid!

In 1967 a cultural revolution is underway. Ye Wenjie witnesses her scientist fathers demise…beaten to death by revolutionaries who don’t like his point of view. Obviously this will shape her life in a huge way…but it will also shape the entire future of mankind as well.

“It’s hard to predict the future. I live my life day to day.”

She is sent to a re-education camp for hard labour but as fate (and luck) would have it, she ends up finding herself working at a top secret government project! How about that for a turn of events?

“But she was a woman. A woman should be like water, able to flow over and around anything”

But what are they working on? What do they need her for?

Fast forward forty years (I told you there was some time hopping), and we meet another scientist, this time nanotechnology engineer Wang Miao. He’s been snatched up and hot-footed to a meeting with all the military officials. His mission? Find out who or what is driving their scientists to suicide…or who is killing them?

“…have you ever had anything happen to you that changed your life completely? Some event where afterward the world became a totally different place for you.”

Wang goes undercover to search for this unknown enemy and in doing so, finds himself transported into an online game, a virtual world ruled by the unpredictable interaction of its three suns. A game where only the most brilliant scientific minds can even hope to beat it.

The name of the game? The Three-Body Problem. And it is the key to everything…

“My sunset…and sunset for humanity.”

This book is the first in the ‘Remembrance of Earth’s Past’ trilogy and judging by the other reviews I’ve read…the books get better. Not to say this book was bad, a definite three star for sure! This book isn’t normally one that would reach my bookshelf so I’m glad it was recommended to me otherwise I never would have read it.

Between the time hopping and all the different characters, it can be difficult to keep up and I had to keep flicking back and forth between pages and sections in the book to figure out who was who and what was going on. The game added a whole other dimension to try and keep track of!

Will I read the other two in the series? Probably! I’m a sucker for a book series!

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