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Hello all,

My 4th Netgalley read, The Honey and the Sting.

“ My honey lost, and I, a drone-like bee, have no perfection of my summer left, but robbed and ransacked by injurious theft: in thy weak hive a wand’ring wasp hath crept, and sucked the honey which thy chaste bee kept. – Shakespeare, The Rape of Lucrece”

This is a tale about the bond between three sisters…three secrets…three ways to fail in England 1628.

Hester is a doctor’s daughter and after having been forcibly seduced by George Villiers, a very powerful man, she is cast aside to raise her son alone and in secret, she hopes she never has to see Villiers again.

Melis has visions…visions which cause a lot of chatter. She sees what others can’t and what has yet to come. With Hester being so protective of her, she hasn’t been denounced as a witch…yet.

Hope is beautiful. Her beauty sets her apart from all the rest but unfortunately also draws unwelcome attention to the family. Yet she cannot seem to resist the advances of others…and her sisters can’t always be on guard to keep an eye on their younger sister.

“Or are you like the painting of a sorrow, a face without a heart?” – Shakespeare, Hamlet

When Villiers decides to claim his son against Hester’s wishes, the sisters are at his mercy and without friends…

But the women hold a secret, a secret so grave it could be their undoing but if they play their cards right, it could be their salvation.

In the right hands, a secret is the deadliest weapon of all…

“If pretty little creatures like you will smile at me, how can I be expected to prevent myself.”

This book was slow at first and difficult to get into but definitely gets better!

Find it on Amazon 6th August!

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