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Time for another Harry Hole novel, this time we turn our attention to The Devil’s Star.

Now I have a slight confession to make – I’ve been in a bit of a slump recently. Just after finishing this book I came down with a cold and lost all motivation to review this book or read another book. I’m feeling much better now but I may have forgotten about this book a little bit so I’ve had to remind myself prior to this review so apologies!

Back to this novel and our scene is set with a pentagram…a 5 pointed star…mark of the devil but the sign of a killer.

“I’ve come to realise that falling and living have certain things in common. For a start, both are very temporary states of being.”

When a young woman is found murdered in her own flat, a simple murder investigation is set underway until a tiny red diamond in the shape of a pentagram is found behind her eyelid. Harry Hole is initially assigned the case alongside his long-term foe Tom Waaler and so wants nothing to do with it.

“She was what most people would call dead.”

He thinks Tom is dirty…actually he knows he is dirty. Filthy. A bent copper.

“To have the chance of being loved, we have to take a chance on being destroyed inside.”

But with Harry being in his final warning, he has no choice but to investigate and drag himself out of his alcoholic state…this becomes a little easier for him when he discovers that Oslo has a serial killer on its hands.

“Convenient serial killers are rare, boss.”

When he learns what the pentagram means, he realises it actually intersects with his own life. He must find a way to rid himself of the demon or be ridden into the grave.

“It’s what we call a mare cross or a devils star…to keep away the mare….as in night-mare. A female demon who sits on the chest of a sleeping person and rides him so that he has bad dreams.”

With resignation papers signed and ready to go, Harry needs to step up to the plate one more time. Could this be Harry’s last case? Or is he starting to care again?

This book is full of tension on every page and I definitely enjoyed reading this one and seeing the mystery unravel. This is a fast paced book full of action and thrills and intriguing characters to boot.

There’s still a few more Jo Nesbo books in the series so let’s see how I find those as from what I’ve read from other reviewers is this is a turning point in Nesbo’s novels and they get better from here on in!

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