“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

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It’s time…for the first Christmas book review of the year! And it’s the sequel to The Cosy Teashop in the Castle.

“Why did the bad stuff always have to happen to the good guys? Life didn’t seem fair sometimes.”

 It’s been 5 years since Ellie moved to Claverham Castle and baked her way into everyone’s hearts including husband Joe and reinvigorated the run-down Teashop. Now, after three years of marriage, her and Joe are planning for the next stage in their lives.

“Life would take you on its journey through love, hurt, joy, pain, and all the shades of emotion in between. But you had to hold on to the happy, find a way through, and reach for the stars”

Cupcakes have been upgraded to wedding cakes and wedding lunches and breakfasts at the castle as their list of weddings being held at the castle grows.

But when a bridezilla threatens everyone’s sanity, can they all pull together and make it a happily ever after, after all?

“The world was made up of incongruous, happy families. And time could alter so much; heal hurts and hearts, take you to a whole new situation that you could hardly have imagined, take you past your fears.”

With Christmas just around the corner and with multiple bookings, being snowed under could be the last thing on their minds!

“…why shouldn’t you tell someone you loved them when they were the best thing that had ever happened in your life? Good times, bad times, boring times…Why was it that sometimes life just seemed to take over, and you didn’t tell that person, even though you felt it in your bones every day?”

Despite the cold temperatures outside (unless you’re in Australia where it’s summer!), this book is sure to thaw your hearts! There are some true heart breaking moments but overall it’s just beautiful! The most perfect festive book!

 “Life could take you places you never imagined, and relationships evolved. This crazy, beautiful journey we are all on. There would still be memories, of course, some love affairs never really left you, not when the relationships had meant something special.”

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I have one more festive themed book review heading your way so keep an eye out for The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop.

Otherwise, if I don’t post beforehand, Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderfully festive time!

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