“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

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I finished this book at the start of July but I’ve been a bit behind with my reviews as my Goodreads will surely notice. But I’m slowly but surely getting there!

The first I had heard of Jo Nesbo was when I saw the trailer for the film, The Snowman and saw it was based on a book. And there began some charity shop book hunting for his Harry Hole series of books.

Harry is a Norwegian police officer , investigating the death of a young Norwegian girl on a gap year in Sydney. He is supposed to be keeping out of trouble and helping in any way he can.

“A beloved child has many names, but it’s strange for the deceased to have so many.”

However, one murder turns into many more as the team begins to uncover a string of murders and disappearances, all remain unsolved. A serial killer with an eye for blondes is afoot. Now Harry is on a mission to find out the truth and nothing will stop him on his mission.

“Everything you do leaves traces, doesn’t it. The life you’ve lived is written all over you, for those who can read.”

The hunt is on…but what happens when the hunt becomes a conversation as the murderer will only talk to Harry? Harry better watch his back for he could just become the next victim.

“The truth is that no one lives off the truth and that’s why no one cares about the truth. The truth we make for ourselves is just the sum of what is in someone’s interest, balanced by the power they hold.”

I’ll be honest, this book took a while to grow on me but it did eventually grow on me and towards the end I was gripped. I couldn’t put it down and the story was so well written that it ebbed and flowed so that you couldn’t pinpoint who the culprit was or what was happening next! There’s a lot of sarcasm and humour in the book as well and this helps with the flow of the story.

Keep an eye out for the next book in the Harry Hole series, Cockroaches. I’m intrigued with what comes next and if the books get better or if they’re all a slow burn.

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