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Do you like adventures? Do you like Indiana Jones style adventures? Do you like ancient history? Yes?! Well then this is the book for you!

We meet Jack West Jr, a ‘super soldier’ who puts together a team from various nations, to travel to each of the seven ancient wonders of the world:

  • The Great Pyramid of Giza
  • The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
  • The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
  • The Colossus of Rhodes
  • The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
  • The Lighthouse at Alexandria.

At each of these is a treasure they must find but in order to do so, they must find a way to work together regardless of their differences, cultural or otherwise and risk their lives. But they’re not the ones hunting these treasures and it’s a a race against time to find them before the other nations get their hands on them.

So basically this is a tale of a giant around the world treasure hunt! But honestly, it’s so much more than that! For a history nerd , we learn more about the ancient wonders many of which are now in ruins. For the adventure nerd, you are sucked into a thrilling adventure much like that of Indiana Jones.

This is the first novel in the Jack West Jr series and the next novel, The Six Sacred Stones will be coming up in my reviews! So stay tuned for that!

Matthew Reilly takes us on an epic adventure, well paced, non-stop action and and an excessive use of exclamation marks! Yes folks, this book has it all.

When I purchased this book I had a look at reviews before reading it and it’s fair to say this book seems to have split the bookworm population like Marmite! You either love it or you hate it.

Let me know your thoughts and which side of the Marmite fence you sit!

Until next time, keep reading!

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