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Time for another Michael Jackson book but this one is a bit different and something quite special. This book has been written by his two former bodyguards – Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard; both single fathers themselves.

“Michael Jackson was only eleven years old, but the script of his life had already been written.”

In his final years, after being forever hounded by the media for all sorts of reasons, Michael Jackson moved from city to city with his three children: Prince, Paris and Blanket; in an attempt to escape the world that wouldn’t leave him alone.

“Why don’t they just leave me alone?”

The three children by all accounts seemed to cope marvellously well with all the travel, despite their longing to return to their home Neverland. Bill and Javon worked 24/7 at Michael Jackson’s side and so grew close to the children as well, picking up on their habits and likenesses.

“Can we go back to Neverland?”

Being at his side all the time meant seeing all and hearing all. They’re the people who the world want to listen too in order to answer one of the biggest questions: what happened to the King of Pop? Not necessarily in relation to his death, but how did a man with all the millions turn into a man in self destruct mode.

“This is it”

This isn’t a book written to generate money. This is a book to reveal the truth, to show who Michael Jackson really was. The man behind the persona. In this book, they reveal the extreme measures taken to protect him and his family and how such simple moments can bring so much happiness. The book really illustrates their close bond and special relationship.

What I find most fascinating, is these two men chose to stay when many others would have left. They didn’t get paid for months, they themselves went into debt, they couldn’t afford their homes or even their petrol, they couldn’t even afford to buy a Christmas present for their children and they barely saw them during their time with Michael Jackson. And yet they chose to stay. An admirable deed and yet you can tell they wanted to help and do whatever they needed or were asked to do.

Prior to reading this book, I thought I’d check out some reviews and suffice to say it hadn’t gone down well. Many reviews are 1 * saying how there’s ‘wrong information’ how they have ‘breached confidentiality’ and ultimately how this book is ‘a disgrace to Michael Jackson and his legacy.’

This book for me, is at least 3* and I’ll tell you why. It gives Michael Jackson back his humanity. It takes away the tabloid headlines of ‘Wacko Jacko’ and instead shows how in many ways he was like a normal human being. A single dad who wanted the best for his children, who wanted the best home and belongings for them, wanted a good education and wanted to support them both financially but also morally. And also who are we to say that this is wrong information? None of us lived with MJ 24/7. None of us know what happened.

Please check this book out. Whether you’re a Michael Jackson fan or not, this book is a fascinating read.


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