“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

This is a tale of a modern day bookworm, reading a series of crime novels, the first of which was published in 1990…

2018, new day, old books. My Nan had collected the three books of this series but books in the middle of the series which means I couldn’t start the series properly. So after some charity shop hunting, I found the first book of the series…needless to say I wasn’t disappointed, I have now scoured the charity shops several times and have managed to collect 23/24 books. I’m quite proud.

Anyway, I’m babbling.

Post Mortem introduces us to medical examiner (ME) Dr Kay Scarpetta. We get stuck straight in with a gruesome murder followed by similar murders and the conclusion is drawn that a serial killer is on the loose…but something’s not quite right and it doesn’t take our ME to figure out that the investigation itself is being sabotaged from within and it threatens not only her career but also her life…

Patricia Cornwell was a pioneer in being a female writing forensic/crime novels and paved the way for the likes of Kathy Reichs. She’s created a book and a murder plot with several suspects and leaves the reader to come to their own conclusions before finding the real answer towards the end of the book. I genuinely couldn’t put this book down and if you’re a lover of all things crime and forensics with a bit of gore thrown in for good measure then I highly recommend this book to YOU!

What better way than to celebrate crime than to celebrate the work of the pioneer of it all.

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D x

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  1. I love this review! I’m intrigued by Patricia Cornwell… from your description, I’m thinking of Agatha Christie. I’m going to check her out! Is this the first one of a series?

    1. Yeah post mortem is the first of the series! I wasn’t sure what to expect either but I really enjoyed it! I hope you do too! I’ll be reading and reviewing the rest of the series when I read hem!xx

  2. I remember binge reading these in the late 1990s on a sunny day by the river. Let’s just say I should have worn sunscreen – for the rest of the summer I had the mother of all tan lines from my shorts 😀
    I loved the first 5 books, the next 2 I quite liked, but from there I thought they went downhill a little. But that’s not to say they weren’t good – I just wasn’t that keen on them. I still read the first 5.

    1. Haha, I always end up doing that in summer! Glad I’m not the only one ending up with tan lines! What was it that you didn’t like? I’m yet to read the rest of them yet! Can’t wait though! Thanks for commenting!

      1. I thought they started to get a little too preachy. ‘Don’t eat this, don’t do that…’ And Lucy (her niece) just seemed to be doing something new and incredible with technology each time, it got a little too much and the storylines didn’t seem as interesting.

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