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“One can be too ingenious in trying to search out the truth. Sometimes one must simply respect its veiled face. Of course this is a love story.” – The Sea, The Sea, Iris Murdoch

Time for a thriller now I think and this particular thriller is a tale of obsessive love.

This is a love story, Mike’s love story.

Mike has had to battle through a tough childhood, with an alcoholic mother and going into foster care. He then moved into a more quiet yet lonely life…that was, before he met Verity.

“…you should never trust people who yearn to be something other than who they are.”

Verity taught him about love – how it is to feel loved, be loved in return and to fall in loved.

“Everything is a game, V used to tell me; only stupid people forget that.”

In return Mike has dedicated his life to making her happy in every way he can. He’s found the perfect home and the perfect job. He’s sculpted himself into the physique V has always wanted. He knows they’ll be happy together.

“…sometimes two people need each other so much it is worth sacrificing others to make sure they end up together.”

But she hasn’t been returning his emails, or his phone calls. But this doesn’t matter. Nor does the fact that she’s marrying another man, Angus.

“What I don’t understand is how some men get away with the things they do, whilst others, like me, are made to crawl over hot coals for moments of madness which we would take back in a heartbeat.”

It’s all just a part of the Crave, a secret game they played.

“That’s all any of us are ever doing, you know…Everyone out there. All craving something.”

If Mike pays enough attention, he’ll see the signs. If he monitors her, keeps track of her every move,where she lives, works and goes then he’ll know when to save her.

“It is true to say that the Crave always belonged to V.”

This is a love story with a difference, a tale not about a damaged woman, but that of a damaged man.

This is a love story. Mikes love story. A love story with blurred lines.

“I am coming for you, V. I am coming.”

Gender equality is a far off dream. Women are, as seen in this book, judged completely differently…when on trial, it becomes less about who did what but about how V is sexual and how she must be punished for this.

“One thing’s for sure: whether or not Verity is responsible…I doubt she’s really innocent or truthful underneath all her perfection.”

At the end of this book, you make your own judgement. Who you choose to believe, who you choose to side with, is up to you.

This is a dark and twisted novel. A novel about desire, obsession and obsessive love. It details the complicated lines we draw between truth and perceptions and how easily these merge.

“We are humans, flailing and mistaken, but that doesn’t matter. Because we love, we can forgive. We know the truth. We know what love is: the kindest and cruellest emotion.”

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