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 I went on holiday to Malaysia for 2 weeks in October and obviously it’s a long flight from the UK and back (13/14 hrs each way) so what’s the best thing to pass time? BOOOKS! I then remembered I had a book written by a Malaysian author and so the first book I chose to take with me was Only a Monster

Joan is 16 and is spending the summer with her mothers family. They’re a tad nutty but she loves them all the same. She has a job at Holland House,  an early Jacobean country house in London and loves it. 

But, it’s not just the historic nature of her job that she loves…She also is enjoying the eye-candy her super cute co-worker Nick is bringing to the table. And her day keeps getting better and better when Nick asks her out on a date. 

“If you need to run, always imply that you’ll return.”

But when an unexpected occurrence happens with a random stranger, her whole life is turned on its head and suddenly she is questioning everything she has ever known. Her ‘eccentric’ family are anything but…her family are monsters. Monsters with the power to steal time…the power to steal time of a humans life. 10mins stolen = 10 mins less of a life. 

But Joan isn’t the only one with a secret. Nick has been hiding a secret too. Whilst Joan and her family are monsters, Nick and his family are monster hunters. They will do anything to bring these monsters down and rid the world of them. 

“Real monsters look like me and you.”

Whilst Joan is battling against Nick and his family of monster hunters, she teams up with a ruthless (but handsome) monster Aaron Oliver who just happens to be heir to a monster family who rivals her own. 

“They’d known each other far too long to think they could ever change each other’s natures.”

For this is a story of monsters and hunters. Not of heroes. Not of love but of hate. 

“There wasn’t going to be a happy ending, she reminded herself. She was a monster and he was a hero. Everyone knew how that story ended.”

This is a story where the stakes are high, the potential losses catastrophic, and the secrets mysterious and exciting. I absolutely loved the different monster families having different powers and discovering them all is an adventure in itself.

I found Vanessa Len had an incredible ability to humanize the ‘monster’ characters without compensating for the fact that what they do is harmful to people who aren’t them. You actually root for the monsters not the heroes. 

“You’re a hero and I’m a monster”, she whispered. “There’s only one way that story ever ends.”

I am still majorly behind in my reviews so please bear with! Never a Hero is the next book in this series so I look forward to sharing my thoughts on it with you at some point in the near future. This book isn’t a 5 star read, but it’s a fun YA read.

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