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You may remember that back in October I read Only a Monster? Well here is the sequel!

Never a Hero is the  sequel to Only a Monster by Vanessa Len and honestly I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first book however I did really enjoy the ending. This book was longer than the first with much more suspense, a lot of back and forth and a great plot. The epilogue was definitely scary and wants you to desperately know what happens next.

“You were more than just a hero. You were the hero. People told stories about you. Made art depicting you.”

In this sequel, Joan is facing the consequences of her actions at the end of book 1. She’s created a whole new timeline, and once again she has to go on the run. However this time, it’s with Nick. The boy that she may be destined to be with? But in the previous timeline, he was a trained killer of monsters that murdered her whole family… In this timeline, this never happened.

“People aren’t afraid of heroes.”
It wasn’t funny, but Joan heard her breath come out hard.
For a moment, he looked confused, and then understanding. put a shadow in his eyes. “Monsters are.”

She’s reset the timeline, but that doesn’t ensure peace and happiness. Not by a long shot.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve met, she wanted to say. We knew each other in another lifetime.”

Only Joan remembers what happened, meaning those closest to her, such as Aaron and Nick, do not remember how close she was to them both. It crushes Joan’s heart many times over interacting with them now.

“As if she were made of construction blocks that had been put together and could be disassembled again. But that wasn’t how she felt inside.”

After a deadly attack, Joan finds herself back in the monster world as a fugitive. It’s clear someone is after her. She’s on the run, but she’s not alone, Nick is with her and Aaron is closing in.

“You care about him, and he doesn’t remember you anymore.”

We do get a lot more world-development in this one. This isn’t to say the world wasn’t built out incredibly in the first book, because trust me, it was. That was one of the things that drew me in actually, but we just find out so much more about Joan, her family and the history of the monsters.

If you aren’t aware, this series does involve time travel. In fact, that’s the coolest thing the monsters can do. They travel in time by stealing time from humans in a bit of a vampiric way.

It read so fast and some of the reveals had me shocked and the cliffhanger ending was so good.  The story just felt bitty and very jumpy and Joan felt like a pansy. Her obsession with Nick, in spite of all he had done in another timeline and then her obsession with Aaron knowing he doesn’t have a clue who she is. Despite me not giving it 5 stars and despite me not loving this as much as the first book,  I can’t wait to get to the 3rd-book.

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