“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

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So for those of you who follow me on Goodreads, (and if you’re not, then why not?!); may have noticed that I finished this book over a week ago and with no review. Unfortunately I contracted COVID-19, yes that’s right, it finally caught up to me. Whilst feeling horrendously poopy, the one thing I found that I could do whilst remaining in bed and not getting out of breath or dizzy or tired was reading. So for a week I read and I finished this trilogy at the start of my isolation. So apologies for the late review but I’m here now!

“The less we see chaos, and the more we see the pattern, the better we’re going to be at understanding…”

In order to end the Final Empire, Vin killed the Lord Ruler. But, unbeknownst to her, the Deepness (a lethal mist) is sweeping across the lands…humanity is doomed. But with her boyfriend turned husband Elend Venture and friends at her side, there’s no mountain they can’t climb.

“So, she no longer fought out of fear for the man she loved. Instead she fought with an understanding. She as a knife – Elend’s knife, the Final Empire’s knife. She didn’t fight to protect one man, but to protect the way of life he had created, and the people he struggled so hard to defend. Peace gave her strength.”

Surviving the Well of Ascension was just the beginning for Elend. After dicing with death, he finds himself an Emperor and a Mistborn. He must now follow the clues left behind by his predecessor to unlock the secrets within the walls of the cities and save them and the world from what is coming.

“This war we’re fighting…it isn’t just about soldiers…It’s about the sequence of events we inadvertently started the moment we struck down the Lord Ruler.”

Meanwhile, Vin is battling her own demons and torments. By saving Elend, she was tricked into letting a mystic force known as Ruin free. That can’t be all bad right?

“The time for killing hasn’t ended at all…It has just begun.”

WRONG. Ruin has only one aim, to destroy the world and everyone in it. Stopping him seems like an impossible task.

“We were one. That didn’t stop the world from ending, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

This book is the perfect conclusion to a wonderful trilogy with an ending to shock you. Whilst aspects of the book, especially in the latter parts, I could definitely see coming (I won’t spoil it for you), the actual ending I didn’t and it made it more enjoyable. There were points in this book where I felt the pace was slow but definitely in the second half of the book, the pace picked up significantly and made it a struggle to put down.

I really enjoyed the character development, from Spook and Tensoon to Sazed through all three books. My most interesting plot point in this book was Sazed and his search for finding the true meaning of faith and religion and his doubts related to that. It is such an internal struggle for him and yet one that impacts greatly on those around him and for the outcome of the book.

For those of you that have read my first two reviews, you will know my boyfriend lent me this series. For those amongst us that have read previous reviews and blog posts by me, you’ll know I love and appreciate books being recommended to me, especially by people I know and love. It tells me more about them in a way that maybe even they don’t realise.

“We create things to watch them grow…To take pleasure in seeing that which we love become more than it was before. You said that you were invincible – that all things break apart. All things are Ruined. But there are things that fight against you – and the ironic part is, you can’t even understand those things. Love. Life. Growth. The life of a person is more than the chaos of its passing. Emotion, Ruin. This is your defeat.”

You can find this fantastic trilogy on AmazonI have finished!

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