“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."


I thought this book was very apt for this time of year so let’s get started shall we?

“Dreams can come true…it could happen to you…”

She’s a girl with a big heart whose lost her way in an even bigger city.

After a disastrous end to a previous relationship, two years ago, Evie Taylor packed up her life and has since lived an invisible existence in London. But a flurry of snow brings many unexpected possibilities and maybe a change for Evie too…

“Is this it? I wonder. It’s not a sudden change in the wind, like the one that carried Mary Poppins to the Banks family, or the tornado that carried Dorothy to Oz, but maybe, this downfall is the universe’s way of telling me that my life is about to change.”

Evie spends her day in her dream store, Hardy’s. Once one of London’s most elegant stores, Hardys has been in slow decline, and hiding away in the basement where the clothes and shoes of yesteryear belong, is stockroom manager, Evie. Although all of her colleagues call her Sarah…the name of the previous stockroom girl. Evie is feeling very invisible and lonely and losing hope of ever working on the shop floors.

“It’s only when people are ashamed of themselves or have low self-esteem that they hide themselves away. They don’t believe that they deserve to be noticed.” 

But when Evie hears that Hardy’s is in trouble and is at risk of being sold, she knows she can’t ever let that happen.

Just the stockroom girl…”

If I wasn’t determined to save the store before, I bloody well am now.”

And so a plan is hatched. If she can reverse the store’s fortunes by December 26th and turn it into a magical destination for all shoppers of all ages then she might just be able to save it.

In just three weeks, the employees and customers of Hardy’s notice changes around the store, changes which no one is taking credit for…a secret elf?

With every ounce of talent and determination and with a little help of her friends who all work behind the scenes at Hardy’s, Evie knows it’s going to take a miracle…

But hey, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

If you fancy a festive read then please pick up Miracle on Regent Street from the Amazon link below:

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and has a wonderful time!

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