“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

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Recently I was asked by Hollie Thubron if I would be interested in reading and reviewing her debut, yet to be published novel Insane. Of course, I had no hesitation in agreeing.

How far would you go for a loved one? What if they killed someone? What would you do? Defend them? Turn your back? Protect them?

We meet Avery Blake, a pharamceutical rep…oh and a serial killer, because what one person classes as crazy, is anothers reality. Is killing really wrong? Are all serial killers really insane? Anyway, who are you to judge?

“My name is Avery Blake. I will be the hero for the next 300 pages. Well, in my opinion I will be anyway. After all, this is my story…
No, the things that really get me going include painting, volunteer work, killing, tap dancing and golfing.
Yes, you read that correctly.”

Something unexpected in this novel yet well integrated is the use of Brothers Grimm in the novel. Now if any of you have read Brothers Grimm, you’ll know they’re nothing like the fairytales that Disney makes them out to be. If you haven’t read them, then feel free to check them out but be warned, they will change your views! But then again, Avery warns us about this:

“…if you ever took the time to read the original little mermaid, the poor fish is supposed to turn back into sea foam because her Prince married another. So, I was merely finishing off her tale. Is that so wrong?”

If you look carefully, shadowing the main title you see the words “I’m sane”. Which is very apt as a key message to take away from this book is that everyone’s perspectives, opinions and experiences are different and the effects that has on us is different for each individual. This is a message we can all learn from (not the serial killer part btw, don’t do that)!

The main message from this book is “who are you to judge?”. Aiming to open readers minds and become more willing to try and gain an understanding into someone’s motivations and actions before just simply dismissing them just because it’s something we wouldn’t do ourselves.

Hollie Thubron is a rather talented human being. A singer-songwriter and now an author, she is studying Philosophy at university and enjoys exploring the topic of morality and is fascinated by the psychology of serial killers. Her knowledge shines through in this fantastic thriller!

Insane has been released TODAY (on 23rd March 2018). Link below to order paperback/kindle. Trust me, you won’t regret it! 5 star review, 100% recommended.

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