“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

The only secret people keep is immortality – Emily Dickinson

Have you ever wondered or wanted to be able to read how people are feeling by seeing their auras, to hear their thoughts and to know their whole life story, just by touching them?

Have you thought that no longer would anything be a surprise? By touching your present, you’d know what it is without unwrapping it, you’d hear exactly what people thought of you – from your best friends to your worst enemy.

We’ve all heard the saying, true love never dies…but how true is that phrase?

“Because the truth is, I do love him. I’ve loved him without ceasing. I’ve loved him since that very first day. I loved him even when I swore I didn’t. I can’t help it. I just do.”

Well we get to live both realities through the main character Ever.
After an horrific accident claims the lives of her family, Ever realises she has new abilities. Abilities she never had before. Wearing a hoodie and iPod at all times, in an attempt to conceal those abilities, to drown out the sounds of people’s thoughts, Ever has been labelled a freak at her new school.

“I guess by now I should know enough about loss to realize that you never really stop missing someone-you just learn to live around the huge gaping hole of their absence.”

But when a handsome, new guy Damen starts at school everything changes.

“Damen is gorgeous. I know this without looking up. I just focus on my book as he makes his way toward me since I know way too much about my classmates already. So as far as I’m concerned, an extra moment of ignorance really is bliss.

But according to the innermost thoughts of Stacia Miller sitting just two rows before me – Damen Auguste is totally smoking hot.

Her best friend, Honor, completely agrees.

So does Honor’s boyfriend, Craig, but that’s a whole other story”

Now as cliche as that sounds, stick with me here. Damen is the silence to the storm. Whenever he is around, Ever is able to feel almost normal. She can’t read his mind, he drowns out everyone else but strangely of all…he has no aura. And now she seems to falling, inexplicably head-over-heels in love with him…but Ever knows there’s something about Damen that seems familiar. He’s so mysterious, like how does he make red tulips and white roses appear from thin air?!

“You’re strictly a tulip girl—a red tulip girl.”

There’s something he’s hiding from her…what could it be?

“Only love heals. Anger, guilt, and fear can only destroy and separate you from your true capabilities.”

With visits from her dead little sister Riley, Ever doesn’t want to let go of her past but doesn’t want to live in the present…

This book draws on themes of Twilight – an isolated main character, not part of a crowd and a handsome stranger at the school with not all being as it seems. However, I enjoyed this book more.

You can feel Ever’s pain in this book, feel her struggles. You understand her guilt and you sympathise with her. There was a point later on in the book where I cried…I CHALLENGE YOU ALL NOT TO CRY, IF YOU’VE READ IT YOU’LL KNOW. Books that make you feel like that, must be written well.

“Just because something ends doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing or that someones bound to get hurt,or that it never should have happend in the first place or whatever. But if each step brings us to the next how can we grow if we avoid everything that can hurt us? We pretty much have no choice but to get out there and hope for the best and who knows we may even learn a thing or two on the way”

The sequel, Blue Moon will be featuring in upcoming reviews, so stay tuned!

The links to purchase Evermore and the whole Immortals series are below, check them out and let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading!

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