“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

“I beheld the wretch – the miserable monster whom I created.” – Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

This novel begins where the cliffhanger in Shadowland ends…Haven is now an Immortal. Now Ever has the unenviable task of breaking this news to Haven…

After finding out she is now an immortal, Haven is in her element. After finding a new found confidence, the ability to read minds, her pale skin now luminous, poreless and clear; her hair is shinier and glossier than any shampoo advertisement; her teeth straighter and whiter and to top it all off, she has a new boyfriend…Roman, the very same person that gave Ever no choice but to turn her dying, best friend Haven, into an immortal.

“Life is still life. It’s still tough, complicated, and more than a little messy, with lessons to be learned, mistakes to be made, triumphs and disappointments to be had, and not every day is meant to be a party.”

Despite, Ever and Damen having her best interests at heart and warning her about Roman and the danger he poses, Haven ignores them. She even goes as far as to say that Ever is jealous of her. Haven turns against Ever and drifts closer and closer to Roman and his army of rogues. And things only go from bad to worse…

Whilst all of this is going on, Ever is trying to unbind herself from Roman, but magick is dangerous…

“Foolish Ever, don’t you realize there’s no longer any difference between you and your-monster? You are the monster. It’s your dark side, your shadow self, and you’ve now joined as one.”

“The only reason I lost, the only reason I failed to get what I want, is because the monster is me, there’s no difference between us. It makes all the moves, calls all the shots, while I’m just along for the ride, with no idea how to pull the brakes or get off.”

Eventually, Ever figures out Roman. She figures out how to get the antidote she so desires as well as not sacrificing herself for the cause.

“It’s not that kind of love. It’s the real kind. The unconditional kind. The nonjudgemental kind. Not the physical kind. I love you as a fellow soul who inhabits this earth. I love you as a fellow immortal. I love you because I finally understand what made you the way you are. And if I could change it, I would. But I can’t—so I choose to love you instead. And my hope is that my acceptance of you will spur you to do something good too, but if not—” I shrug. “At least I can say I tried.”

But as we well know, nothing with Ever goes to plan.

“You cannot outwalk your problems. Can never run fast enough to evade them completely.”

In this novel, we see Ever fight. Fight for control – of her mind, her body, her soul and her timeless love she’s been chasing.

“My feelings for you are not conditional. I don’t judge you. I don’t lose patience with you. I don’t punish you. I just love you. That’s all. Pure and simple.”

“That’s what true love is. It cannot be broken, it cannot be chipped away, it’s eternal, everlasting, and it can weather any storm.”

We see Haven spiral out of control drunk on the power and acting recklessly and ultimately posing the greatest threat of all – exposing their secret to the world.

We also have a surprise awaiting us at the end…but whose death is it?

“Either way, we’ll ride out together. That’s how it is with soul mates. Thats just what they do.”

Ever can’t win and I feel for her after her friendship with Haven deteriorates. I can totally relate and I’m sure most girls can…I’m sure we all have a friend who is stubborn, who likes nothing more than a good argument and although you may not have ever done anything wrong, you’re still the one that has to apologise.

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The next book in the series is Nightstar, keep a look out for that upcoming review!

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