“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

Happy September everyone!

I know, I’m back so soon! But I can confirm I am out of my reading slump and I finished this book in 2/3 days and my goodness it’s a good one so please continue reading!

“How sharper than a serpent’s toon it is to have a thankless child.”

William Shakespeare (1564-1616), King Lear

DCI Annie Carr is at the centre of a murder investigation. A young schoolgirl has gone missing, only to turn up a few days later – tortured, burned and violated. This was brutality on another scale.

“A murder case was always hard on everyone, but doubly so when it was a child.”

When another young schoolgirl goes missing, Annie knows it’s only a matter of time until her body is the next on the mortuary table. But why? What have these pretty, young girls who have their whole lives ahead of them done to deserve this?

“She was just blooming, becoming a young woman, and now she was dead.”

The killer they are hunting isn’t making it easy. No DNA. Bodies reeking of bleach. No CCTV. No tyre tracks. This murderer isn’t making it easy for them.

“Only wild animals should hunt, not human beings.”

DCI Kate Burrows is retried now. Living happily with ex-gangster and now husband, Patrick Kelly, she enjoys a bit more peace and quiet. That is until Pat’s long lost son appears out of no where and brings his two kids along with him. Oh and a wife who isn’t all that she seems. Yes, Kate’s quiet retired life has gotten rather chaotic all of a sudden.

“Of all animals, the boy is the most unmanageable.”

Plato (c.428-c.348 BC)

So it’s no wonder that when Annie comes calling for help with the case with a third body on the tally, Kate jumps at the chance to escape her home of unfamiliar people and situations and enter the world of Murder and serial killers. Her specialty.

“…the human spirit was remarkable and hope was a powerful emotion.”

But can they stop a killer who has a thirst for schoolgirls?

“When it comes to relationships, we all make the same mistake. We see what we choose to see, because we are all loved up.”

This book has everything. I absolutely loved every minute of this book (is that weird)? Every page something was happening – either cliffhanger or a big BOOM moment that made you go ‘wow’. I was honestly so hooked from start to end and honestly, I didn’t want it to end.

This book also covers a lot of themes – from feelings of entitlement, implications of the internet, loss of innocence, jealousy and ultimately the sad state of affairs that young girls find themselves in today – trying to be someone they’re not just to try and fit in. Be that from wearing a MAC store worth of make up (other brands are available) or wearing bracelets to show boys what they’re into.

“We are living in a nightmare world, where people can hide behind a computer or a phone and do their worst. We are living in a world of faceless people who we call friends on social networks. We are living in a world where anything you want to know is at the touch of a button on a Google search engines…No one takes responsibility.”

This book is told from multiple perspectives – from Annie, to Kate, to Patrick, to Joseph, Bella, Christina and even the murderer makes an appearance or two. On that note, I definitely wasn’t expecting the murderer to be who it actually was! That to me was a shock.

This book is 5 stars for me! And you can buy it on Amazon now.

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