“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

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So remember a few reviews ago I posted one for The Bat? If not – where have you been?! Go check it out now!

“No persons or events mentioned in this book should be confused with real persons or events. Reality is far too strange for that.”

Bangkok, 23 February 1998

When the Norwegian ambassador is found murdered in a super shady motel room in a very steamy Bangkok, there’s a limited number of names that could be selected for it.

“Politics, power and influence. This was a game he couldn’t begin to understand…”

After his success in Sydney, Harry Hole’s name is the only choice for this next case. But when he discovers that the ambassador’s family and colleagues are hiding their own secrets and few are willing to talk.

“…the truth brings nothing but bad luck.”

Avoiding a scandal is a primary concern with this case for both the crime and the location of the crime. What would the public think if an ambassador was seen in a motel? Nothing good, that’s for sure!

“…it came as a blow to the solar plexus to suddenly have to think the unthinkable. Because it simply wasn’t so unthinkable.”

When Harry gets his hands on some incriminating CCTV footage, it does nothing to help his case and instead makes it a lot more complicated. And to make things worse, the man that gave him the tape has gone missing…

“He who is destined for the gallows will not drown…”

This is a murder that no one wants solved, not even Harry himself.

“As long as there’s pain there’s life…”

I preferred this book to The Bat – it was faster pace and I found the story more gripping. There’s a lot more books in the series so I’m hoping they continue to get better! At the end it felt a little like a Miss Marple or a Death in Paradise type of thing. But I loved it and I definitely didn’t guess the ending!

I love how Harry isn’t your standard police officer too. The fact that he’s an alcoholic, that he isn’t this goody goody like most police officers in books. He’s also struggling with the death of his lover in the previous novel and everything that his sister has been through. There’s an air of humanity around him.

“…there’s a first time for everything…”

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