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Call Numbers: The Not So Quiet Life of Librarians and Book Endings – A Call Numbers Novel: Loss, Pain and Revelations


I was asked by the author if I would read his books Call Numbers and Book Endings in exchange for an honest review.

Call Numbers: The Not So Quiet Life of Librarians

This is the first in the Call Numbers Series.

“Life is a book…and every person is a chapter.”

We join this story in 1994 New York. We meet Robin Walker, he’s just been transferred to the 58th Street Branch Library and is excited about the new opportunities that await him. Yes, things are definitely looking up for Robin.

“…I’ve waited 8 months for the right position to come along…”

But success is rare and always remains just out of reach; regardless of if that success is personal or professional and Robin is just discovering this for himself. Struggling with the new working environment he’s been thrust into and a whole host of employees to meet, Robin definitely finds he has his work cut out for him.

When he finds that this host of employees actually generates more drama than a high school, he finds it hard to figure out who he should believe and more importantly, who he should let in and confide in.

“…intelligent people don’t make judgements based on appearances anymore…I would like to think someone dressed like yourself would be smart enough to see beyond appearances, but I guess that would be my misjudgement.”

This is a book full of trials and tribulations which you’d probably expect in a school full of teenagers than a library full of adults. With all the characters to try and keep track of and then each of their individual stories, it did get quite confusing in parts. I found it easy to put down and pick up wherever, I wasn’t completely gripped but nevertheless the plot line was good. I couldn’t warm to the main character Robin and especially the way he treats his colleagues regardless of the nature of his past which is alluded too but not yet explained.

“…I’d hate to get things started on the wrong foot over a gender issue.”

Book Endings – A Call Numbers Novel: Loss, Pain and Revelations

This is the second book in the Call Numbers series.

“Life is all about turning the page.”

The quiet life that Robin Walker so desperately craves still eludes him with the disruptions coming from the office politics inside his job at the 58th Street Library.

“Your eyes…they will not see anything, and your ears will not hear a sound…the path will present itself.”

But when the unthinkable happens and Robin’s grandfather collapses suddenly, Robin must brace himself for the worst. With his family not offering him any solace, he must look for that in his co-workers. But even they can’t give him what he’s looking for.

“There will be a time…when you believe that you are alone. When you don’t know what to do, and when you don’t have the answers. You’ll be searching inside yourself for guidance and the will to go on.”

Yet again, he realises it’s not easy figuring out who to trust, especially when trusting the wrong person could bring about the end of his career.

“If the rooster didn’t wake you up this morning, the weasel got him…”

Loyalties are tested as co-workers go head to head, secrets will be revealed and when a sudden departure occurs, the library won’t be the same ever again.

“You’ll be at a crossroads…with two paths before you. When that happens, think of me and remember…”

I found this book easier to read than the first, with an intriguing story line full of heartache and humour. The book is also split into chapters where we can tell which character is speaking. This was definitely less confusing than the first book for sure and I found it much easier to read.

Overall, these two books tackle the issue of discrimination of minority ethnic groups. The majority of the characters in both books are from minority ethnic groups and in these books we can see the difficulties of trying to fit into American society. It’s definitely an eye opener and it’s heartbreaking that scenes similar to those in the books can be seen in our world today.

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Once again, thank you to Syntell Smith for giving me the opportunity to read his books.

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