“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

“Every man has his own destiny; the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him.” – Henry Miller

Blue Moon is the sequel to Evermore and is the second book in The Immortals Series.

A lot has changed for Ever since she met Damen, her one true love for four hundred years.

“I mean, I’m with him, and he’s with me, and that’s the way it’s meant to eternally be.”

Now, courtesy of her new immortal status, she’s got a whole lot of learning to do and whole new set of powers to control and she’s getting stronger.

“Well, it’s nice to have a dream. But it’s even nicer when there’s a remote possibility of it coming true.”

But there’s a new guy, Roman and Ever can’t shake the feeling that something is very off with him and he’s not to be trusted. However, just as everything is going so well, Damen seems to be weakening, and Ever suspects Roman has something to do with it.

“If you insist on the chase,” I say, my voice much surer than I feel.”Then you better start training. ‘Cause, dude you’re in for a marathon.”

“Hating requires caring. In which case, I couldn’t possibly hate you.”

Panicked at the possibility of losing him, Ever travels to the in-between world of Summerland, hoping for answers and learns the secrets of Damen’s past, a past Damen has yet to reveal to her; a tortured past.

“You can’t go back, Ever. You can’t change the past. It just is. . . . This is our destiny. Not yours.”

However, in searching for a cure for Damen, Ever accidentally discovers something else…a way to twist time. This could change everything for her. She can SAVE her family. It’s all she’s ever wanted since the accident…

“Explaining that I’m faced with a choice between being with the love of my life, or saving four lives that were never meant to end.”

…but so is Damen. Ever must make a decision and choose between them, for she can’t have both.

“While appearing weak is okay, giving in to weakness is definitely not.”

Something I love is that this book picks up where the last one left off. I find with some sequels, it skips time by quite a large margin and it makes it difficult to follow. This book is different because as there’s not much of a time margin, it’s easier to follow.

“…I reach for the book on my nightstand instead. Immersed in the story of a guy and a girl so entwined, so perfectly made for each other, their love transcends time. Wishing I could climb inside those pages and live there forever, preferring their story to mine.”

The quote above, I can totally relate too as I’m sure many of you can too. Reading a book and wanting to live there forever, being drawn in and preferring the lives in a book to that of our own real lives.

We see Ever grow in this novel. In Evermore, she would much rather keep herself to herself but in this novel, we see her become more trusting (a little too trusting at times), deciding to be her own person.

“We are not defined by our things. Its not our clothes we wear or the cars we own or the art we aquire. It’s not where we live but how we live. Its our actions that are remebered once we are gone.”

The more I read, the more I feel like I can relate to Ever’s personality, minus the whole losing your family and being an immortal with abilities. But I can relate to wanting to hide away, wanting to be able to ignore what other people say. To be able to choose my own happiness. Then again, I’m sure we all think that way too.

The links below are for the entire series as well as Blue Moon.

The next book in the series, Shadowland will be an upcoming review so stay tuned!

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