“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

As Christmas comes round again (I know, yet another Christmas novel in the summer), we rejoin Agatha Raisin and the super sleuths of her detective agency for what can only be described as her weirdest yet most self-endangering case she’s ever dealt with. For this case, brings Agatha to her knees like no case has done before…

But let’s start at the beginning shall we!

Next door to Carsely, is a traditional small Cotswolds village which goes by the name of Winter Parva. Cute right? Anyway, this quaint little village decides what better way to celebrate Christmas than to throw a hog roast to mark the beginning of the winter holiday festivities.

Meanwhile, a local police officer, Gary Beech is upsetting everyone in the village with his decisions to fine and issue tickets on menial offences such as penalising our very own Agatha for blowing her nose when the car is stopped because;

“Both hands were off the steering wheel”

Anyway, Agatha arrives with co-worker Toni in tow to enjoy the merriment that the holidays bring. But when the spit pig is carried towards the spit, of fiery charcoal, Agatha and slowly but surely the rest of the village, realise that something is very wrong…

…it’s not a pig on the spit…

It’s a head of a pig alright…but stitched onto a human body…GARY BEECH’S BODY.

Now I know that the police are sometimes are called pigs but this may be taking it a step too far…

Turns out it’s not just Agatha that didn’t take too fondly to Gary Beech…in fact the whole village didn’t. And although Agatha, for once, has every intention of letting the police take this case; when Toni is hired by Gary’s ex-wife to investigate, Agatha can’t resist.

But this tale takes Agatha to the other side of the world, to LA and back. Opening more questions which fewer answers and no where is safe. Gary Beech was much more than just a village cop and now it’s up to Agatha and the team to figure out what it was.

This case may be one of the most dangerous as it endangers not only Agatha’s life, but her colleagues and friends lives as well.

Agatha’s ex-husband James Lacey also makes a return and not just a couple of paragraphs here and there but he takes a full blown interest and part in this case, much to Agatha’s delight.

This, by far, is my favourite Agatha Raisin novel that I’ve read so far! This is full of so much more drama, crime and romance than the others I’ve read. It completely reignited your love of Agatha although I feel she’s a marmite sort of person – you either love her or you hate her.

I for one, love her!

Yet another wonderful, 5 star novel from M.C. Beaton!

Which is your favourite Agatha Raisin novel and why? Do you like Agatha? Which side of the marmite fence do you sit with her?

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