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Now onto a different genre: Mystery!

But don’t worry, nothing too dark or serious, no this tale takes place in the Cotswolds and with none other than Agatha Raisin at the helm of her detective agency.

Agatha, like many of us, is dreaming of a white Christmas. Mulled wine, roasting chestnuts, open fire, mistletoe…in fact we are only at the start of October. But Christmas planning has to happen at some time!

(Yes I’m reading a Christmas book in the middle of summer, don’t judge me!)

Agatha is obsessed by two things currently – her ex James and Christmas. Although she claims to everyone she knows that she feels nothing for James, she secretly dreams of recreating the perfect Dickensian Christmas for her friends and will hopefully reawaken their love and passion for each other.

Alongside organising the perfect Yuletide celebrations in her Cotswold cottage, Agatha now has a murder to investigate, the sudden demise of Mrs Tamworthy who was poisoned by hemlock and to make it worse, Agatha was sent a letter from Mrs Tamworthy, revealing that she suspected someone from her family was going to murder her.

Agatha isn’t alone in investigating this though! Along with Phil and Patrick she brings aboard Toni, a 17 year old who makes Agatha feel old and weary.

As the 25th December approaches, Agatha needs to catch the killer quick or risk interfering with her perfect Christmas Day.

Although this is a sequel (18th in the series), you wouldn’t think so! M.C Beaton has created a detective novel that is like no other. Agatha Raisin provides humour alongside detective and it works so well! You can read them as a sequence of novels or as individual novels on their own and you’d still enjoy them! They’re wonderful, warm novels. You can easily sit in the sun and enjoy them or cozy up with a cuppa and a blanket.

I love Agatha! Can’t wait to read another one!

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  1. Hi Deb, another great review that makes me and I’m sure others want to read the book. I’ll be getting a copy from Amazon. Stan

    1. Wow, oh my gosh – thank you so much! It means an awful lot to me! Thank you, thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed my review! There are other books previous to this one in the series but you can definitely read them as stand alone books too.

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