“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too."

Hello all,

Sorry I’m late, I hope you all had a wonderful new year and have some fun resolutions! Mine is to see my friends more! What’s yours?

So here I am going to review my 2019 in books!

In 2019, I read 29 books. I’m quite disappointed with this really, I was no where my target of 50 books but I was quite glad to make it over the halfway point.

Over those 29 books, I read 11,476 pages! That’s a lot of pages with a lot of words right?! The average length, 395 pages.

The shortest of those books was only 146 pages which was Zoo 2. The longest was 784 pages, which was The Secret Commonwealth, the second in The Book of Dust trilogy.

Out of the 29 books I read, the most popular was Little Fires Everywhere which has been read by 552,322 people on goodreads alone! The least popular was Deep Cosmos, which has only been read by 82 people on goodreads but please read my review because Project Kyle deserves more readers!

On average, my rating for books was 4.2/5 so obviously there was a lot of good books being read.

The highest rated book on goodreads that I read and reviewed in 2019, was The Four Legendary Kingdoms.

So what about the year ahead? Well I’ve got a list of 26 books to read for Challenge 2020 over a variety of genres. From books I’ve heard of and have been dying to read for ages and on the TBR list to books and authors I’ve never heard of until researching for the challenge.

Are you participating in a book related challenge this year? Or are you taking a year off and reading freely? Let me know!

Also if there’s anything you want me to write about this year then comment below and I’ll do my best to post that!

Until the next time,

Keep reading and writing,

D x

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